By Taylor Glover 11 Dec, 2015
Back in May, a tornado hit and killed a couple that was shielding their daughter from the tornado. The sad truth is their death may have been prevented if they had a storm and tornado shelters.

Tornados are never planned and are often unexpected. Even with the advanced weather technologies of today, it is just a guess as to where a tornado will strike.  

In this part of the country, it is not unexpected to have several tornado watches and instructions to seek shelter. Don't be a victim - Be prepared and be safe.  

Give us a call today to see how inexpensive it can be to protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected.
By Brittany Guyton 12 Nov, 2015
Storm shelters protect you from weather vagaries, such as tornadoes. If you live in areas prone to tornadoes, such as  Northwest Arkansas, an above ground storm shelter or a tornado shelter guarantees protection from floods. Storm shelters are a great idea to protect your valuables and loved ones. 

Call Signature Shelters today and get a hassle free quote. 
By Brittany Guyton 05 Nov, 2015
In the event of a Tornado, having a storm shelter can be the difference between life and death.

In Northwest Arkansas especially, tornados are a fact of daily life. When you know one is coming and the storm clouds look a certain way, you know to take shelter immediately.

But where will you shelter? Being inside in a room of the house is the last place you want to go when a tornado threat is upon you.

That's why Signature Shelters offers high quality underground and above ground shelters for home and business. We want to keep you safe, so please call us today and let us help you.
By Brittany Guyton 23 Oct, 2015
These days there are many different natural disasters that hit at the most unexpected times. Hurricanes,Tsunamis and Earthquakes are examples of natural disasters that can hit at an unexpected timing- depending on where you live. So you should probably think about getting a storm shelter.

There are many different storm shelters, some include:

-Above ground storm shelter

-garage storm shelter

-Tornado shelter

-Tornado safe room

These would come in handy during a time of need.
By Brittany Guyton 27 Aug, 2015
A FEMA kit is recommended should you need to spend any sort of time in a safety shelter. Visit to learn what is needed.
By Brittany Guyton 27 Aug, 2015
As a family-owned-and-operated business, our reputation within the community we serve is very important to us. We will always do what we can to ensure your satisfaction.
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